• Agriturismo accessibile disabili

Agritourism accessible to people with disabilities

Thanks to the help of a friend, we learnt look at the world with the eyes of a person with disabilities. We are doing our best to make our agritourism even more comfortable and accessible to everyone.

We passionately believe that tourism is a right of everyone, so we tried to make Agritourism Le Sorgenti accessible to families with children, elderlies and people with disabilities. Thanks to a friend using a wheelchair, we received many directions on how to make our agritourism accessible to everyone.

For this reason, L’apartment “il Cinghiale”, (wild boar), on the ground floor, is accessible to people using a wheelchair.

In every room the bed sides are made by metal, in order to make them easier to clean them thoroughly, avoiding dust and mites to accumulate, which might cause allergies or breathing issues to some of our Guests

The bathroom has a sliding door and the toilet is higher, so that it will be much easier to use it; the built-in-floor shower has an adjustable seat. Finally, both shower and toilet have wide handles.

The entrance of the apartment is facilitated by a platform and all the outdoor places around it are flat. Moreover, while checking-in, you will receive a list of museums, parks, itineraries, restaurants and places accessible to people with disabilities.

Did you know that?

In article 7 of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET), approved by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) of December 2001, says:

  • 1. The prospect of direct and personal access to the discovery and enjoyment of the planet’s resources constitutes a right equally open to all the world’s inhabitants; the increasingly extensive participation in national and international tourism should be regarded as one of the best possible expressions of the sustained growth of free time, and obstacles should not be placed in its way.
  • 2. The universal right to tourism must be regarded as the corollary of the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay, guaranteed by Article 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 7.d of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
  • 3. Social tourism, and in particular associative tourism, which facilitates widespread access to leisure, travel and holidays, should be developed with the support of the public authorities.
  • 4. Family, youth, student and senior tourism and tourism for people with disabilities, should be encouraged and facilitated.

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